Saturday, 26 October 2013


Sketchbook from Gemma Topliss on Vimeo.


  1. wow. I really admire your artwork! actually I hate it to find such talented and creative artists, I always feel so unmotivated to move on with my art then for the rest of the week because I think about all the good ones and the bare possibilty for me to become an artist later and to be able one day to make a living of my own art. no... but honestly, you have a very individual and eye-catching style and you're very talented, I simply love your art! It is very inspiring as well !
    compliments and love from Germany!

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  3. Hey Gemma! I had a viewing today of the portfolios at the NGV, fed square. I spent ages looking through your folios (all 4 from memory!) I'm in year 11 and I found it so helpful and inspirational to go through your creative process, it was ahhhh soooo amazing. A massive highlight of my day! So I just wanted to say thanks for submitting it for viewing and congrats on having your piece at Top Arts. I've already bookmarked this blog of yours and if you have instagram I'd love to follow you! Thanks Harri xx